Saturday, January 20, 2018
What We Offer
The Kitchen Design Pro is a source of valuable information for anyone in the kitchen design industry who would like to stop the cycle of losing profit on their jobs.

There are countless seminars out there to help you close more sales, sell at a higher profit margin, and distinguish yourself from your competition. Although my seminars will certainly help you do these things, this is not our main goal.

The purpose of The Kitchen Design Pro
is to help you solve one of the biggest challenges we face in our industry today and that is maintaining the profit margin on our jobs

As you know, once a job is "Sold" and the contracts are signed, the real work begins! We have to:
  • Measure the job-site
  • Finalize the design
  • Write the cabinet order
  • Confirm the cabinet order
  • Manage the installation (usually 6-10 weeks later)
Not only is this a lot of work, it is also an opportunity for a lot of mistakes.

The only reason why a job loses profit is because we have made a mistake somewhere in the process, usually in one of these 4 areas:
  • Measuring
  • Designing
  • Pricing
  • Ordering
Through-out my 27 years of experience in all aspects of the kitchen design industry, I have developed some easy to follow systems and procedures that will minimize mistakes in all of these areas. If you would like to:
  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Earn more money
  • Have more confidence
  • Ultimately have more fun...