Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Can’t you just be our rep. for everything J?

Seriously Dave thanks for being so good at what you do, and being on our team!




Dan Forster





     "I was fresh out of college with my degree in Interior Design when I was hired as Dave's assistant. From that day on it was a journey into the exciting world of cabinets, finishes, crown molding and everything a designer dreams about.

     Dave taught me how to job-site measure, lay out cabinets on the floor, and he instilled in me the importance of knowing how things fit together. He also educated me in the art of sales and positive customer relations.

     Having his background in installation as well as construction, Dave is by far the most talented and knowledgeable designer I have ever worked with. I feel so fortunate to have learned from the best… someone with patience, diligence and creative ability. His positive outlook on life is refreshing, inspiring and his passion for teaching is unsurpassed."

Carrie Kinkade




     "Dave's expertise and advice, not only in how to do a great installation, but also in having the reveals and proportions show off the cabinetry and moldings to their best advantage is legendary at Kitchen and Bath Experts.

     You have been our "go to man" on the finer points of installations, when one wants it right the first time. Please sign me up for any classes you're giving. I need your knowledge to make my designs the best they can be. Thank you, Dave for your assistance those many times and for helping us look so good!"

Kitchen and Bath Experts