Saturday, January 20, 2018
The Kitchen Design Pro-Pricing
Pricing our jobs is another of the 4 major areas where we make mistakes.
I remember how frustrated I wouldget when I would finally sign a job, only
to realize that I promised something in my quote that I forgot to add in when
I priced the job or I forgot that the color they chose was a special color with
a 15% up-charge etc......
"There goes the profit!!!"

Sometimes I would cut my molding counts really tight in order to try and keep
the price down and then come up short at the time of installation......
"There goes the Profit!!!"

When I finally got tired of making these mistakes and making less money for
working harder..... I started developing some checks and balances that helped
greatly reduce these mistakes.

I remember one time very well where I sat down with our showroom manager
to review a project,which we always did, and there was so much profit that he
looked at me and said..... "I feel dirty" There is nothing dirty about making the
money we deserve for all of our hard work and passion. What made me feel 
"Dirty" was all of the money I left on the table by making costly mistakes time
and time again.

Pricing our jobs correctly is really the easiest of the 4 problem area's. It's just
a matter of understanding the design and understanding the the manufacturer
that are working with.