Saturday, January 20, 2018
The Kitchen Design Pro-Designing
The actual kitchen design is another area where we can make
mistakes which can cost a lot of profit.

Form and Function are obviously very important elements to the
design and are the ones that get talked about a lot, however there
is another element which I feel is just as important and that is the "Fit"

It's one thing to design a kitchen that functions well for the customer's
needs and looks great, implementing all of the design characteristics
and material selections  necessary to pull off a certain period or theme.

Knowing exactly which parts to order and how they work in order to
create the look is a completely  different story. I was so fortunate to
have my installation experience under my belt when I decided to
become a "Kitchen Designer" and I would love to share some of my
knowledge  and tips and tricks with you!

When you understand exactly how your design is  supposed to go
together and which pieces will be used for each detail, You will have
more control over your projects and you will gain a lot of respect from
the Installer, the builder and the homeowner.